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Early Years

Creative inspiring education

An International Curriculum

Waldorf education is founded on the belief that true education goes beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge; it should be a source of inspiration, nurturing the innate creativity within every child. At its core, Waldorf education seeks to foster a love of learning that transcends traditional boundaries. Through a holistic approach that integrates the arts, hands-on experiences, and a deep understanding of human development, Waldorf schools offer students an educational journey that is truly creative, inspiring, and transformative.


Waldorf Education

At The Brighton Waldorf School, our Teachers are dedicated to creating a genuine love of learning within each pupil.

They work in partnership with parents to foster the whole development of the child and consciously cultivate qualities such as trust, compassion and an inner moral sense.


Your Questions

We understand that children learn best in different ways, at different stages of their childhood.

Our School provides a creative learning environment where children can find real joy in learning. Please see our FAQ section to find out more.

Our Curriculum

Your Child’s Learning Journey from birth to 16-years-old

Early Years 1

Early Years

0 to 6-years-old
Lower School 1

Lower School

7 to 10-years-old
Middle School

Middle School

11 to 14-years-old

Upper School

14 to 16-years-old
“The Brighton Waldorf School, situated in the heart of East Brighton, provides a safe and nurturing environment for your child to grow and progress along their learning journey. Our Teachers are dedicated to creating a genuine love of learning within each pupil and work closely with parents and ensure each child’s requirements are met through a balance of an academic, artistic and practical learning culture and their physical, emotional, intellectual, cultural and spiritual needs.”