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Early Years 1

Early Years Department

In Early Years, we embrace the magical journey of childhood with a holistic approach in our happy and nurturing environment, accommodating babies and children up to six-years-old.

At Brighton Waldorf, we nurture a love for language in children through storytelling, seasonal songs, and creative play. Numeracy skills are woven into activities like stacking and counting, while domestic and artistic pursuits enhance fine motor skills.

Parent and Baby and Parent and Child Groups provide early exposure to Waldorf education, supporting parents in witnessing and nurturing their child’s development. Saplings Kindergarten guides the transition to the ‘World of School,’ emphasizing independence and social skills. Building on these foundations, our Kindergarten groups engage in creative play, outdoor adventures, and rhythmic activities, fostering a lifelong love of learning.

Our inclusive Early Years festivals and cultural celebrations bring together all age groups and strengthen the sense of community and shared experiences, providing a solid foundation for the educational journey ahead.

For families requiring extra provision, we have daily Afternoon Sessions which take place from the end of the Kindergarten day at 13h45pm until 18h00.

Parent and child groups

Parent and Baby (birth to 18 months)

Discover the serenity of our Parent and Baby Group in our peaceful Sun Room. Parents observe their child’s early development, fostering a deeper understanding of Waldorf parenting principles. This group provides a supportive space for parents to connect, share experiences, and witness the growth of both children and friendships.

Time: Thursdays 10h30 to 12h30

Parent and Child (18 months to 3 years):

Step into our calm and beautiful Parent and Child Group at Brighton Waldorf School, where children are nurtured and parents find solace in a caring and inspiring environment. Following a rhythmic routine similar to our Kindergartens, the group engages in free play, crafts, snack time, and outdoor activities. This communal space encourages parents to share experiences, support one another, and gain insights into Waldorf education, making it a cherished highlight of the week.

Time: Fridays 09h30 to 12h30

Early Years


Saplings (2 1/2 to 3 1/2 years)

Saplings Kindergarten provides a peaceful and protective environment for children to take their first steps into the ‘World of School’.

Throughout each morning, the children take part in fun, creative play as well as in activities including baking, painting, simple crafts, gardening, singing, games and stories. Independence and social skills are closely worked on and developed to support the transition from Saplings into the older Kindergarten group.

Time: Monday to Thursday 08h45 to 13h45

Applications made before 10th March 2024 will be prioritised for September 2024


Kindergarten (3 to 6 years):

Our Kindergarten Curriculum is designed to encourage and support a child’s development and help build their confidence, preparing them for their move into the Main School.

Mornings begin with a walk up to the edge of the South Downs, where the children enjoy the views over the City and sea, observe the wildlife and have fun playing games.

The rhythm of the Kindergarten groups gives time and attention to creative play, outdoor time and daily activities, such as wet-on-wet painting, Eurythmy, baking, handwork and crafts. All materials used are obtained from natural sources. For example, brightly coloured beeswax crayons and sheep’s fleece and wood for woodwork activities.

Time: Monday to Friday 08h45 to 13h45


Transition Group

To facilitate a seamless transition from kindergarten to Class 1, we have created a programme for the rising Class 1 children. They engage in age-appropriate activities throughout the kindergarten day, fostering foundational skills essential for formal learning. Craft activities such as weaving, finger knitting, and hobby horse making are tailored for older children, encouraging initiative and creativity.

Within our mixed-age kindergarten group, these children take on specific responsibilities, including setting up lunchtime tables and story circles, promoting group dynamics and basic arithmetic. The older children also play a nurturing role, assisting younger peers in crafts, daily activities, and independence skills.

Wednesday afternoons offer extended sessions for group activities, movement games, tongue twisters, and discussions on topics like PSHE and e-safety. Concluding their kindergarten journey, a ceremony sees the rising Class 1 children proudly galloping out on handmade hobby horses, symbolizing their transition into the main school.

"A child’s imagination is one of their greatest assets. Just like physical exercise helps to strengthen our bodies, our imagination helps our minds to become supple, inquiring and agile. This enables our pupils to see and identify opportunities that arise throughout their life-long journey. That is one of the main reasons our curriculum focuses on and encourages the development of each pupil’s imagination, coupled with a passion for exploration, investigation, creativity and discovery.”

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