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A Well of Support for Our Community

Our School has been impacted by the crisis of the COVID pandemic.

Our School needs the support of its friends and supporters both locally, nationally and internationally to ensure the continuance of the Waldorf Experience and Education in the Brighton area, both for the many children that currently attend the School, and for those families who aspire for their child to be welcomed into its community.

Our Appeal is inviting your generosity to help raise funds that will bridge the gap between tuition and the annual operating expenses of the School, and the direct shortfall in funds received over the last 12 months due to COVID. This will help us replenish the ‘well’ of our community, so that it can be fortified to weather the challenges of the current time.

The collective goal of our COVID Appeal is £150,000.

Our Waldorf Mission

Our School supports and nurtures the child’s individual physical, emotional, thinking and spiritual development in a way that gives each person the creative confidence and self-determination to make a positive contribution towards the community of the world throughout their lives.

Please help us to continue to achieve this by making a donation today that will directly support our School.

The Gesture of Giving

Our School was founded through the purpose of six families to initiate an impulse for a Waldorf School to thrive in Brighton for the benefit of all the children in the community. That inspiration has become manifest in the School we have around us and the many children that over the last 34 years have received the gift of the community and the School.

This inspiration still permeates the relationship of contribution that people make towards the school. At this time we are seeking the community around the heart of the school to contribute to both a purpose of renewal and also to lend support towards the school financial challenges.

In this community of giving the School will be able to continue to welcome and embrace the children that seek to be a part of it for the future.

What Your Donation to The Brighton Waldorf COVID School Appeal will Fund

  • Your donation will enable the child a certainty of a place at our School.
  • Your donation will enable the School to continue to grow and thrive into the future.
  • Your donation will enable the School to develop its ethos of inclusivity, diversity and individuality within childhood and education.

See for yourself

We welcome you to join our interactive virtual tours of our School. Please submit your details and our Admissions Team will call you to arrange a time convenient for you.