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Threshold Learning Suite

Unique online Threshold Learning Suite helping pupils continue on their learning journey during the Covid-19 lockdown – and beyond.

The COVID-19 lockdown is a daunting and uncertain time for us all, but here at The Brighton Waldorf School we have developed a new initiative to help alleviate any anxiety, frustrations or worries you may have about your child’s continued learning journey during this unprecedented time.

To continually meet the needs of our pupil’s ongoing educational and life experiences, we have created the online Threshold Learning Suite, which complements and supports our pupil’s emotional and social wellbeing whilst they navigate this uncertain time.

In keeping with our vision and ethos, the Threshold Learning Suite has rich and inspirational content captures and enshrines the core elements of the Waldorf curriculum and continues to balance our pupils’ intellectual, cultural and spiritual needs.


As you know, The Brighton Waldorf School is a tech-friendly environment where we give careful consideration to the amount of time a pupil spends in ‘screen’ time. This ensures that the child is living in the right level of experiences that are being shared. This meaningful, nourishing and nurturing experience remains at the heart of the Threshold Learning Suite.

The online Threshold Learning Suite is delivered directly to the pupil through a variety of media channels including Zoom, Google Classroom, SoundCloud, the Brighton Waldorf School YouTube channel and, of course, postal services.

By taking the Waldorf curriculum and ethos forward into Threshold Learning we are demonstrating a different, unique and creative approach in the way that we, as education providers, are responding to remote learning, ensuring our pupils stay engaged and informed during their time away from School.

Our ‘Suite of Experiences’, places the child’s development and wellbeing at the heart of the activity, in keeping with the principles of when a pupil is in full, physical attendance at the School. The online (or otherwise) experience is not only a series of rote learning exercises, but an immersive experience that seeks to nourish the pupil’s academic, artistic and cultural life.

Through the Threshold Learning Suite, our pupils engage in Poetry, Music, Song and the Arts, with the Sciences being delivered with the experiential at the forefront of the intention. Threshold Learning also supports and promotes the pupil’s capacity for enquiry, self-awareness and self-knowledge, whilst ensuring the community of the Class Group and School Community continue to be a ‘lived in’ experience.

Our Threshold Learning Suite is not limited to the individual pupil or Class Group – it is an active partnership between the School Home and Family Home. To enable this collaboration to be effective and meaningful, we create and host regular Parent Forums to share experiences, learning and findings and where the outcomes of the experience is reviewed and celebrated.

Central to these Forums is the child’s wellbeing and how, we as adults, can work in partnership to co-manage the child’s experience through the current period of global change and reaction.

Through the development of Threshold Learning, The Brighton Waldorf School has created and delivered an exceptional technology-based curriculum offer that meets the needs of the child – and pupil – from age 6 months through to 16 years, in an age appropriate way that enables the pupil to receive learning through the channels of technology support whilst retaining and ensuring the essence of Waldorf Education.


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Here you can download our Kindergarten Weekly Rhythm pack to try for yourself an example of the regular content we provide the children on our Threshold Learning Suite. 

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