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Upper School

Children aged from 14 to 16-years-old

The Brighton Waldorf Upper School Curriculum is specifically designed to support the critical adolescence years and covers English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Geography, Anthropology, Art, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, German, Drama, Music, History and Craft, plus Life Skills and Sport.

On average, Brighton Waldorf students study for and sit between seven and nine GCSEs. Students also have a week of work experience in Class 9.

Classes 9-10

During their time in The Brighton Waldorf Upper School, students continue to develop their independent judgement and our Teachers continue to help each student nurture their emerging inner selves.

Our teaching focus becomes increasingly more conceptual and cognitive and the learning emphasis shifts to a strong analytical and self-determined approach.

Our students continue to broaden their view of the world from a varied range of perspectives, and our Upper School Curriculum supports and prepares students to access Further and Higher Education and training opportunities.

“The Brighton Waldorf School and its Teachers are committed to giving each pupil a rounded and secure start in life, and the confidence to be inspiring, caring and capable individuals."
"The Brighton Waldorf School is dedicated to balancing the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each of our students in a supportive and encouraging way that gives them self-confidence, strength and understanding to make a positive difference in the world throughout their lives.”

Come and see for yourself

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