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A Welcome Message from our Education Lead

I am deeply honoured to greet you as the Chair and Education Lead of the School Leadership Team, a new role that I hold with great pride, passion, and dedication. With over a decade of experience as an educator within the Waldorf system, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the growth and transformation of our beloved Brighton Waldorf School. As both a product of the Waldorf system and a parent of Waldorf-educated children, I understand the immense value of this educational approach.

Our school thrives under the guidance of an effective and strong leadership team that is deeply committed to nurturing your children’s growth and development. We approach our responsibilities with a collaborative mindset and recognise that accountability is key to our success. In our continuous journey, we are dedicated to professionalising our practices and staying outward-facing, always applying best practice standards.

To further enhance our efforts we are working with a school improvement specialist who brings an external perspective, complementing our Waldorf teaching approach. This collaboration ensures our complete alignment with the essential educational department requirements, as evidenced in our comprehensive Self Evaluation and School Improvement Plan. Our collaboration with Waldorf UK (formerly known as SWSF) empowers us to integrate and support our Waldorf ethos, strengthening our commitment to this unique educational approach.

Brighton Waldorf School is an integral part of an independent educational system with over 1,150 schools worldwide, and we are at the heart of Brighton, educating children between the ages of 0 and 16 years. Our holistic approach to education, rooted in academic, artistic, and practical learning, provides a balanced focus on your child’s physical, emotional, and intellectual needs.

We offer a comprehensive range of subjects at our school, covering English, Mathematics, Sciences, PSHE, Geography, Art, Handwork, Sports, Eurythmy (Movement), Drama, Languages, and Social Sciences. These subjects are primarily delivered through our engaging three to four-week block Main Lessons, which is the core method to delivering the Waldorf curriculum across the Lower, Middle, and Upper school classes. In addition to these focused lessons, as well as our weekly subject-specific classes, many of these lead to GCSE qualifications, offering students a well-rounded and enriching educational experience.

The importance of holistic learning and the cultivation of vital skills are highlighted in the World Economic Forum’s 2023 “The Future of Jobs Report.” As the report indicates, creative thinking, curiosity, flexibility, and resilience are among the top five core skills that businesses expect to be on the rise with current and prospective employees. In my experience as a Waldorf School pupil, parent and now educator, Waldorf education consistently excels in nurturing these skills.

Our educational journey encourages active daily participation, fostering a passion for exploration, investigation, and discovery. I am privileged to be part of our collaborative and supportive community that defines Brighton Waldorf School, and I eagerly look forward to the shared achievements and progress that lie ahead.

Margie Thys

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