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Your questions answered

This list of questions is intended to answer as many questions as possible that you might have about our closure. If you have any questions not listed here, please contact us, and will answer your queries.

Why does the school have to close?

The school is no longer financially viable and able to deliver the high-quality education the Trustees, SLT and parents expect from the school and in accordance with its charitable objects. The school does not receive any government funding and is wholly reliant on tuition fees, fundraising, and legacies to meet its overheads.

The decline in pupil numbers, due in part to reduced birth rates in the area, has meant that the school’s relatively fixed overheads exceed the school’s reduced revenue streams and as such the Trustees have certain duties and obligations to take the appropriate action to mitigate losses.

When will the school close?

At the end of the Spring Term, 21 March 2024.

The school will enter Administration shortly afterwards.

Why can the school not continue to the end of the academic year?

The school does not have the funds available to continue to the end of the academic year.

I have paid for the Spring term in advance. What will happen to my funds?

Any fees paid in advance for the Spring term have been ring fenced into a designated bank account and will be released to pay the overheads required to keep the school running on a month-by-month basis as education is delivered.

Am I entitled to a refund?

The school will remain open to deliver education for the Spring term. We would refer you to the school’s Admissions Policy regarding the requisite notice period required to withdraw your child from the school.

What are the next steps?

Please continue to bring your children to school as normal.

Fees should be paid as normal and in accordance with the school’s admission policies. Failure to do so will accelerate and compromise the orderly closure of the school which we trust parents will agree is not in the best interests of the children.

Following delivery of the final class, the school will close and formally enter Administration. Phil Harris and Christopher Stevens of FRP Advisory will be appointed joint administrators.

Who do I speak to, to get more information?

For more general queries relating to this process that the FAQs do not answer, please send your questions through to closureinfo@brightonwaldorfschool.org.

A parent’s meeting was held at 16h30 on Monday 15th Jan in the school hall. Simon Birch chaired the meeting and the School Leadership Team, Trustees and our Financial Advisers were present to answer questions.

Please don’t speak to the staff about this, beyond child-centred aspects as all will be experiencing a sense of loss and we want to minimise the impact on the children.

How can we look for places at other Waldorf Schools?

We have reached out to Michael Hall and Ringwood, both of which have warmly offered to embrace our students into their communities. Michael Hall is the closest and although they are full at Class 10 and 11, have spaces for our Class 9 pupils as well as a few at 8 and below. Michael Hall has a bus operating between Brighton and Forest Row. This leaves from Brighton Waldorf School at 07h00 and returns around 17h00 every weekday.

Ringwood Waldorf School near Bournemouth are also very keen to help and have said they will look at contributions to fees for the remainder of the academic year.

How can we get a place in a state school?

You can find information about applying for a place at a local state school on the Brighton and Hove Council portal.

Helpful guides to ‘in year’ school applications and transfers are available on this webpage. The senior team will also notify the local authority of the school’s closure and will pass on any contact details at the local authority for Parents to contact directly.

My child has SEND and has an EHCP. What will happen to them?

Where this is the case, the local authority is under a legal obligation to ensure provision is delivered. We would recommend reaching out to the relevant local authority.

How will we support the Class 10 pupils through their GCSE examinations?

We will be looking to utilise our staff and assistance from other Waldorf schools as well as tutors, as required, for the revision period and investigating how our pupils can write their GCSEs

Why is this happening now?

Several smaller schools, both mainstream and independent, are facing closure due to the increasing costs associated with running educational institutions. Factors such as the impact of Covid, rising living costs, fuel expenses, and additional staffing costs have significantly contributed to these challenges.

What do we say to the children?

It is vital that children feel reassured by the adults in their families and in the wider community that in the longer term, everything will be ok and they will be fine. Try not to discuss or express your inevitable concerns and distress in front of children.

If your children are upset, it is helpful to acknowledge their emotions, but also to provide ongoing reassurance that they will continue to be safe, well and in an educational setting that supports them. Change is an inevitable part of life and helping the children to manage this change positively and will be good foundation for them for the future.

We ask parents to support us in making the focus a positive transition for all the students. Teachers will be able to provide advice to parents and to help the children process this change.

"A child’s imagination is one of their greatest assets. Just like physical exercise helps to strengthen our bodies, our imagination helps our minds to become supple, inquiring and agile. This enables our pupils to see and identify opportunities that arise throughout their life-long journey. That is one of the main reasons our curriculum focuses on and encourages the development of each pupil’s imagination, coupled with a passion for exploration, investigation, creativity and discovery.”

Come and see for yourself

We welcome visitors on our private tours of our School. Please submit your details and our Admissions Team will call you to arrange a time convenient for you.